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our last meeting of the year is December 14th and will have a festive flavour
our last meeting of the year is December 14th and will have a festive flavour
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Peterborough and district 16mm group
WELCOME to the website of the Peterborough and District 16mm Association group. (PAD)   With Christmas is now well  and truly behind us , to be sure  I cant help feeling spring is now on the way  February. Daffodils are pushing through and with the evening light is drawing out.   I cant help feeling spring is on the way. I know many of you have been stuck with the winter snows  and needing to get the snow ploughs out. In the PAD zone we have been fairly lucky and at worst had no more than  a  light covering of snow  been bloomin’ cold though and a trifle windy.Wonder if we will get a white Easter  - we often do.     We are still managing  to keep in touch via email, but I don’t think we will be zooming or skyping any time soon. Our intrepid bean counter and CEO of the Camber line keeps the funnies coming    In the meantime we are all hanging on and looking forward to a brighter summer and relaxing in good like minded  company once more.  Happy steaming  by the way it turns out that when asked who your  favourite child its best to pick one of your own.  	i found that out now , nobody told me - ouch !    h !
MEETINGS Predicting when we can meet again is, I reckon nigh on impossible , so best I don’t try. I did predict at Christmas we would not be clearing the tunnel until Easter. I confess to be wrong on that . Looking at Boris’s latest time line Easter will be gone well before things ease up . I still have fingers crossed for the Peterborough show , hate for us all to miss another . Many folk will already have had a jab and it looks like at the time of writing the roll out still continues to go great guns. I’ve just had my booking invite and checked the website only to find the nearest location offered is 30 miles away - seems strange to me., but I am told its down to the way the site works and I should check each day , and there are lot of hopes to go through nothing seems simple these days 2021 Meeting Dates While we are we pretty sure we know where we will meet unsurprisingly we don’t when. I am sure many of you are finding, as I do the near hermit like lifestyle tough going and looking forward to the time we can get together again to run our locos show off our creations and talk trains . Zoom and email aint quite the same me thinks Keep well stay safe