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Meetings - Our meetings go from strength to strength. The group remains very buoyant. As well as the monthly running sessions a few members attend in between to carry out essential maintenance works and rebuilds these possessions ensure that no serious disruptions to regular services due to works on our line. Phil (seen above in the wheelchair) has just celebrated his 90th birthday and still dab hand at construction works . Congratulations Phil I don’t think it will be too long before the new line will be commissioned and come into full use. The current layout can then go in for a much needed overhaul . As built it is robust but has been taken out of store put together then after the running session t’other way round, once a month. over quite a few years now. That has gone for several years now and dare I say not always with the tlc it deserves so takes quite a battering Bob brings in his water ‘otter and so hot drinks are available throughout the session and more often that not Jan and one or two others bring food. Even with our chairman diving in I find that there is enough for breakfast and lunch. We don’t get many left overs - thanks go to all for the catering . There are small shops and takeaways nearby So all in all it is pleasant way to spend a morning - chatting eating and running trains,al with good company, what could be better ?
Peterborough and district 16mm group
Open days - We have once again been short on open days these year. I reckon that last year we suffered from the heat , this year the weather has not really been with us,even so there have been days when I ahve struggled- hot heat and I dont get on well and no doubt that goes for a lot of other folk. Sad to say health issues continue to be a problem for some of our members. and recovery is a slow process as we grow older. Our members really push the boat-train out with their hospitality and I think some have felt that they simply cant manage to do it as they would wish. If you are not 100% it can be difficult having dozen or so guests, Many still make the trip to our monthly meetings which are well attended and enjoyable and it is really good to meet up every month For my own part I still don’t seem to have knuckled down to keeping our web pages up to date . Now my year as City Mayor has ended and I am more settled after my own health issues, I really don’t have much of an excuse not to get on with it. Being one to put of today what needed to be finished yesterday - I am sure I will think of an excuse or two In the meantime I shall have a cuppa while I think what “it” actually is and what it is I ought to be doing.
Congratulations - to our member Steve Strickson who has had an article published in the June 2019 Garden Rail. It told his first steps with metal work construction Bearing in m ind this is his first real attempt construction of the at building locos, it really gives you food for thought. I think he sees the Pecket as a first step to building a live steam loco. Our chairman reckons with that in mind and seeing his garden layout recently, that there might be at least four, possibly five, more articles to come. Mind you Steve says he really is far to busy wgar with one thing and another. So I am afraid it won’t be any-time soon, but I shall keep an eye out for them anyway and maybe a book too ! – you never know. I shall look forward to seeing more from him sometime.
Deepings Our thoughts have been very much with out our near neighbours and friends at the Market Deeping model railway club when we learned of the vandalism and wanton destruction that occured at the Market Deeping’s Club work which was set our ready for their exhibition at a school in Stamford. It made national news back in May, So you may have read it about. It gained a lot of attention and a good deal of money was donated to the club. Club chairman Peter Davies told the press that the extra cash would allow them to do magical things including helping a local charity that works with youngsters with cerebral palsy, he said Its entirely down to the wonderful, generous donations from people across the world Seems the youngsters got hold of vodka and had a pre exam night out then went on a drunken rampage. As Peter said it really is heartbreaking to see models that folk have devoted so much time money and effort into building destroyed . Read lots more about it on the Market Deeping club site and also UK model shops directory site It got our management team thinking about ensuring we have adequate insurance for items for the clubs and members property