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Meetings - Our meetings are well attended. We tend to have around 15 or so members and guests at most sessions. We also seem to be collecting new members too, which is fantastic for the well being and development of the group Bob brings in his water ‘otter and so hot drinks are available throughout the session and more often that not Jan and one or two others bring food. Even with our chairman diving in I find that there is enough for breakfast and lunch. Nothing goes home - thanks go to all for the catering . If you do want something a little more substantial there are some shops and take-aways fairly close by, some folk bring their own grub . There is also time for a good natter and running trains of course.
Peterborough and district 16mm group
Local activities
Open days - We were a bit short on open days again last year. I think many of us wee feelin ghe heat. Health issues also caused a few problems , but we get through and get to our monthly meetings . Sadly we lost one of elederly stalwarts who died a little while ago . My own promotion to Mayor slowed things upo abit in getting reports published to the web . Bob Perrin had a splendid open day unfortunately I had to retire to hois comfy chair and had a long nap indoors.
Andy Rush Memorial Trophy It seems our treasure has a foot in more than one camp and dabbles with the local G scalers - but they cant touch you for it. I guess most of us have interests in other scales and gauges and probably more besides. Bob was awarded the North Anglia G scale Society’s Andy Rush Memorial Trophy for services to garden railways. The trophy is awarded by the society to one of their members at the Society’s Christmas Dinner . Searching on the web I found the North Anglia G scale Society’s Facebook page. The page mentioned that the late Andy Rush was a Garden Railway stalwart, who had one of the most life like railways , based on the Ruschbahn Railway in Switzerland. Andy’s garden was amazing he even had tall mountains (approx. 10’ high) and a deep lake (approx. 4’ deep) with a dam at one end.