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Peterborough and district 16mm group
Our chairman and Mrs Chairman had a summer visit to the Ffestiniog and other Welsh fancies. Seems one bone of contention was parking  -  our intrepid travellers told us that If you intend parking in Porthmadog, please be aware that they are tightening up . To put it all in an a nutshell  parking is being carefully monitored. He went on to say that   I’ve not seen any clamps, but fines and  payment demands  on the windscreen  - yes.  At the far end near the exit/entrance off Snowdon Street, is the FR parking compound, and now it gets complicated !!!! You queue at the ticket office for  your travel ticket and a parking permit, back to your car to put the permit in the window, finally back  to catch your train. Allow about half an hour .   They clamp. I saw a few  during the gala, and other times too.  The FR and council parking tickets are NOT interchangeable.  The WHHR are having problems as well. There is parking for about 20 vehicles, but shoppers to nearby Tesco’s are filling the spaces.    And now for something completely different, and it was.  Rather than using their large regular service engines , smaller engines were put in service to run short but frequent trains from Porthmadog   to Pont Croesor and Beddgelert, and back. A new platform at Pen-y-mount has been built for transference of passengers from the WHHR to the WHR . They also double-headed trains using Russell  attaching  it to the train to Beddgelert, at Pen-y-mount Junction.   Visiting engines were Chaloner, a vertical boilered engine on regular freight traffic, and a WD 4-6-0T class 1215, number 303.  We had an  excellent three days
Long standing member Bob who can often been seen stewarding at the Peterborough show recounts his trip to the Isle of Man Richard Booth pulled out the very polished up loco for 5 minutes before the rain started. I also managed to get me on OTTER. No one else did that! Both loco's were so highly polished that some pics were spoiled by the reflection. An eventful holiday in which I went over on the aircraft with John Sutton who revealed that he had wanted to take EDGAR to the Groudle but it was too high to pass under the station roof at Lhen Coan. On Wednesday 24th the Groudle was open to 21.00 and along with many others I set off at lunchtime to have a run up to Ramsay and come back. The tram was rammed full so we could not get on. Car 14 turned up shortly after on the Douglas-Groudle shuttle and was hijacked to Laxey. As soon as the driver said he would ask control if he could go to Laxey and said don't get on the car, but everybody climbed on! It eventually set off and after a couple more stops for talks with control we eventually got the ok, by which time we were half way to Laxey anyway . Same day tram 16 de poled and was found with a bent pole sticking out sideways and damaged overhead. We were stuck at the cliffs for an hour after the power was turned off, we being Carroll and Graham as well as me. Weather was good other than 27th and 28th as it began to rain about 30 minutes after my pics with the Bear and didn't leave off till just before the Groudle closed on 28th at 16.30. Sat and Sun were both 16.30 finishes. I owe thanks to Steve the guard in particular for persuading Richard Booth to extract the Bear from the shed and I thanked them both for my photo opportunity. Groudle volunteers are the best!
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