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our last meeting of the year is December 14th and will have a festive flavour
our last meeting of the year is December 14th and will have a festive flavour
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Peterborough and district 16mm group
WELCOME to the website of the Peterborough and District 16mm Association group. (PAD)        With things being farly quiet during the iockdown period I had not  had much to tell on these pages and checking them out saw I was refering to spring coming , well its been and gone. Hopefully as we are now emerging from lockdown and things are sort of near normal or sort of normal ish . We have had a very much delayed AGM and have now firmed up meeting dates gor the year  and we are now bacup and running together again so  so I will have a little more  to tell.   Happy steaming  by the way it turns out that when asked who your  favourite child its best to pick one of your own.  	i found that out now , nobody told me - ouch !    h !
MEETINGS We have now had our AGm and are back to meeting regualr and having running days again. We do have a meeting cost of £5 each to cover refreshements and the meeting room costs . and we ask folk to sigh in . knowing all our attendess does nake things feel a little safer so we dont insist on maks but caution still needs to be the watchword. After much consideration and thought we decided it was best that with regret it was best to keep everyone safe we would not to not encourage new vistors and therfore we wont be circulating meeting dates for a while outside the group - sorry . Hopefully normal service will be resumed in the new year . Keep well stay safe